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The Gonstead Method

Clarence Gonstead was a Wisconsin chiropractor with a vision. He set out to create a technique that was based on a highly specific and thorough approach to analyzing and adjusting the spine. His work revolutionized the profession of chiropractic, and over the course of many years he became known as “the miracle man.”

Several specific and specialized steps are taken in the analysis of a patient under the Gonstead system. A spinal examination is given. A weight bearing full spine x-ray is taken and carefully analyzed before any adjustive procedure is performed. A special instrument, called a “nervoscope” is used to detect heat in the spine. Heat is a reliable indicator of inflammation and its presence helps the doctor locate the specific level that is causing the problem. The spine is then palpated to find areas that are “stuck” or do not have proper motion. These findings are correlated with those from the nervoscope and the film. Only then is it decided which vertebrae are to be adjusted and in which direction they will be moved. There is nothing random about a Gonstead adjustment. The doctor is not simply “cracking” or “popping” your back, he is looking to make a corrective adjustment that will improve the functioning of the nervous system, and help alleviate your symptoms.

The results speak for themselves. Clarence Gonstead lived in a town about the size of Florence. His clinic was jammed to capacity 6 days a week. People came from all over the world to get relief from problems that no one else at the time could solve.

At Cornerstone Chiropractic P.C., you are under the care of a Gonstead physician. Great care is taken in analyzing and adjusting your spine to achieve the best results. This requires some extra steps on behalf of the Doctor and the patient. In order to use the nervoscope on each visit, women are gowned and men are adjusted with their shirts off. This allows the doctor direct access to the spine for a more thorough analysis of the problem. The x-ray is utilized on every treatment to eliminate guesswork. The spine houses your central nervous system, there should be no guesswork! All of this adds up to the most specific, precise adjustment available. Ask our patients, there is a difference!

“Find the subluxation, accept it where you find it, correct it, then leave it alone.” – Clarence Gonstead